COVID-19 changed our lives forever.  It made us realize the importance of hugging family and friends. It pushed many of us to be more technologically proficient so that we could conduct business meetings and family gatherings virtually through video conferencing. Employers learned we could work from home. Many of us became de facto geometry and history … Read more

What most people don’t realize when they get married is that there is a third party that is also joining the marriage relationship.  That third party is a sleeping partner who remains quiet while things are going well in the relationship. It only wakes when there has been a legal filing, like a divorce. That … Read more

Hire a lawyer or attorney-mediator who you connect with and who has time for you.  Nothing will be more frustrating for you than if you are upset about something and can’t reach your legal professional.  Tip:  When looking for a mediator or lawyer, ask how many pending cases or clients they currently have, how many … Read more

Alimony.  The word alone conjures fear in the minds of many. There is fear about being constantly in court, paying forever, and being taken to the cleaners. In 2019, the government changed alimony forever, and alimony will no longer function for post-2019 divorce cases as it had in the past.  The new tax rules do … Read more

You need two people to get married, but in Connecticut, you only need one person to get divorced. If you are the spouse who does not want the divorce, this can seem patently unfair. You may think that if you ignore it, it will go away.  But Connecticut has now added a procedure that allows … Read more

In Connecticut, clients can choose to process their divorce or separation using mediation, which is an out-of-court settlement option. It is probably the most cost-effective process that a couple can use to get divorced.  A mediator works with both spouses together to help them collect and analyze relevant parenting and financial information, and negotiate a … Read more