Online Divorce Mediation in Connecticut

In Connecticut, clients can choose to process their divorce or separation using mediation, which is an out-of-court settlement option. It is probably the most cost-effective process that a couple can use to get divorced.  A mediator works with both spouses together to help them collect and analyze relevant parenting and financial information, and negotiate a settlement agreement that is agreeable to both of them.

Mediation sessions are scheduled when it is convenient for clients and the mediator, not necessarily just when the courts are open.  We generally collect information from clients and send documents to review prior to mediation sessions, so that clients can prepare.  Clients meet with the mediator online from the safety of their homes, or in person when possible. Thus family issues can be resolved even when stay-in-place orders are in force.

Online mediation is also helpful for clients who cannot or don’t have time to travel to a mediator’s office. This works best when both clients are signing in remotely, however, we have conducted mediations with one person in our office and one online, where one person had moved out of state or out of the country.